We are going to support the boys of We Saw Worlds Collide in Düsseldorf, 29.4.2017. If you are interested in tickets feel free to contact us!



We are looking forward to be a part of the Hanami convention in Ludwigshafen this year!



Come rock with us at the Animagic Open Air Stage on the last July weekend!


We are extremely happy to announce our upcoming collaboration with no one else than Gan-Shin for our upcoming debut Album.

This collaboration means a lot to us since this label has remarkable artists on its roster which inspired us all the way til today.

Stay sharp for more; the best is yet to come!

Next Shows

29 May 2017

Exit | We Saw World Collide Tour 2017 | Düsseldorf


06 May 2017

Pfalzbau | Hanami | Ludwigshafen

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"Ashes falling from the sky, we never question ourselves 'why can we still breathe' condemning everything to die." - Perfidy